The Visible Personification of Absolute Perfection


This is the one of the images I exhibit at Canon Malta, the title is “The Visible Personification of Absolute Perfection”, it is a self-portrait. I know what you are thinking, the body is not perfect like the title. I want to share a story with you, my personal story. From all these years I photograph women. Woman in all ages, all sizes and shapes. I asked majority of them one questions, one question before the photo shoot, “What parts of your body, you feel particularly conscious about, the parts you don’t like, it doesn’t matter where it is if you have anything, just tell me.” I would even make example. For example, loads of women will tell me they don’t like their arms, can I make them look slimmer. I would say,” Yes, of course, I can slim them down just by lighting and posing.” Some would say, “I don’t like my profile because my I don’t like my nose.” Some would tell me they don’t like their legs, they think they are too big or too skinny. And almost, almost everyone would say the tummy. Almost every single woman would tell me they don’t like to see their tummy sticking out. They are very conscious about it. Almost each and every one of them said that.

About ten years ago I was travelling a lot. I lived in Italy more than two years, during that time I travel around Italy a lot. The two particular place I love are Rome and Florence, both places have loads of nude statues and you can see all kinds of sizes and shapes of statues and that is just amazing. From my observation, they are the most gorgeous humanly like body figures. And I will say lots of them have a little bit of tummy. I feel that is something very natural, and that really fascinated me, how the artists would make these statues,

so humanly like. The most extraordinary part is because they are so humanly like.

That really fascinated me. Because if you really think of it, if an artist wants to draw a picture of Apollo she/he would want to draw something perfect, a perfect male figure shows the absolutely perfection, like, no human can ever achieve that perfection. But they made the statues like real people, that just fascinated me and they’re so stunning, beautiful and gorgeous. I just love watching the paintings and statues. The fascination gave me this idea of having this self portrait done. I do it for myself and the people who understand this.

I want to challenge majority of woman’s idea about what’s the perfection of a body? Is it what you think? What other people think? Or the fashion advertising beauty standard to decide it? Is it ok to show the tummy or not? I give a name with Perfection because I see myself as perfectly flawed. And I want to demonstrate to women, it is okay to have a little bit tummy, it is ok not to be perfect. My BMI is about 21, I’m considered having healthy weight. But it really doesn’t matter, I am I’m over 40, I have a little bit tummy and I have accepted it. It was a difficult self-acceptance because I was so used to the old me, the younger me, and I have came into turns of it. Through my work, I’ve seen a lot of women going through the phase that they don’t like their body, they hate their body and they want to hide. So it gives me a very strong idea I need to challenge this idea with my art, it’s like saying, “You can’t tell me what is beautiful, I decide it.” And why you think you have to be like someone else when you’re not. I want to challenge these ideas which most of us unaware of these ideas can be toxic. There will be people looking my images and think, “Oh gosh, she got a bit tummy showing, I wouldn’t want to show mine.” It will be interesting just to challenge the viewers, the people in my era. I love the image very much because it’s me, I show a part of my true self. Maybe it was the week I indulged myself and over eat a little but I don’t care, life is meant to be enjoyed. It’s just a part of me and I have other images showed that I’ve trained for months to get that body. I can be anything. And every woman is the same, they can be anything as long as they want it.


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