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Judging Photography: Balancing Subjectivity and Growth

It was a fantastic session last night! I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the black and white prints and sharing my thoughts and suggestions. Judging a competition is no easy task, and I’m continually learning and growing in this role. I want to express my gratitude to the members who took the time to send me messages and provide feedback after the session; your support means the world to me. And the most importantly, the committee team who worked in the background of the meeting, made the whole judging process run smoothly so we can enjoy, you are absolutely total pro!  I’d… Read More »Judging Photography: Balancing Subjectivity and Growth

Reveal (2023) – Starting a self portrait series with an object “mirror”

“Reveal” is part of the series Reflection. This is a self-portrait. I love this surreal image that tell stories about “Revealing what is concealed.” She turns away from the viewer and reveal herself to the viewer at the same time. Why her face broken into mirror pieces? Who’s hand stretch out to hold on a piece of broken mirror? There are many interpretations and I would love for you to discover your own interpretation. I am a hoarder. Not a super crazy one but I do collect objects that tickle my fancy over the years. Mirror is one of the… Read More »Reveal (2023) – Starting a self portrait series with an object “mirror”

broken glasses fine art conceptual portrait photography

Broken Glasses 2

We hurt ourselves.Most of the time, without consciously knowing what we were thinking or doing.We think of ourselves badly when we make mistakes.We blame ourselves when accidents happen.We feed ourselves unhealthy food because of stress.We give the wrong people our love or attention when they don’t deserve it.We think we are fat when our tummy sticks out, with no thigh gap or having flappy fat arms.These thoughts hurt us. I don’t just see myself in the image, I see the women I know in the image. The finger is going to touch the sharp tip of the glass……why would you… Read More »Broken Glasses 2

Conceptual Photography art broken glasses

The Way Out

“What have you done?!”“You’re so clumsy!”“I’ve told you to be careful!” Have you ever accidentally broken some glasses? If you have, those comments might sound familiar to you.Usually, breaking glasses is not something people would do intentionally. We did it by accident and sometimes we get the blame, or we blame ourselves for not being careful.What if you break glasses purposely? For people like me who don’t normally do it, it did make me feel it’s something terrible and I shouldn’t be doing.I remember watching Adele’s music video “Rolling in the deep.” I was so impressed and stunned by the… Read More »The Way Out

Minimalism Purchase Decision

When is the last time you bought something with enthusiasm but ended up not using it much? I certainly am guilty of this. I was looking for an ebook reader. It wasn’t an easy and quick decision. I asked myself, “Do I need to buy another gadget to take up space for catching dust? Will it help me to read more? I read many books a year. I buy both paper books and ebooks. Last year I only read one book in paper copy, the rest of them are ebooks. And I read most of the books on my phone! … Read More »Minimalism Purchase Decision

How to be more confident?

“When in your life, so far, have you felt most confident, and why?” I’ve asked more than 50 women over 40 who I photographed this question. Some could answer it some couldn’t. Many of them said, “Now”. That was after the photo session with me and my team.  Why? What’s the power of a photo session can make a person feel confident? Most of the women have never done a photoshoot before. They might have watched a magazine photoshoot with a movie star on TV or online but they never know what it really feels like.  It’s an opportunity to… Read More »How to be more confident?