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Lili Amanda Photographer

Lili Amanda Hsu

I’m merely a messenger. Passing on messages through art.
Images are a form of telling.
Centuries ago, artists created paintings for churches to convey the stories from the Bible. So people who don’t know how to read can understand the meanings in the Bible.
I create the images which are messages passing through me. The images are visions in my head. There is a force make me to create. I have no choice. I’m here to serve art.


I’m an artistic messenger, using images to convey powerful messages and emotions. Just like the artists in the olden days who painted stories for churches, my images serve as a visual narrative, offering insights into the complexities of life and the human experience.

My work is not a mere choice; it’s a calling that springs from a place deep inside me. The images I create are visions, channeled through me by an unyielding force of inspiration. Through my art, I seek to touch the hearts of others, transcending words and language barriers, inviting viewers to explore profound truths and shared emotions.

Each photograph I capture is carefully crafted to tell a story, to communicate what words sometimes fail to express. I aim to create a connection between the art and its observer, forging an intimate relationship between the visual narrative and the viewer’s own experiences.

Ultimately, I consider myself a humble servant of art, driven by a responsibility to communicate, inspire, and provoke thought through my visual storytelling. As you explore my portfolio, I hope you’ll join me on this artistic journey, where images serve as the messengers of emotions, ideas, and untold stories.

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Art Exhibition, Pandemic: Survival, Art and New Action
Canon Pro Exhibition -The Art of The Female Form
Title: Without Limit

Awards and Exhibitions:

• 3 photographic prints, “The God Of Basil (2023)”, “Autumn Collection No.1 (2021) and Raising (2020) have been accepted for the “58th National Competition & Exhibition of Photography 2023 at Palazzo de la Salle in Valletta, Malta. Link to The Behind The Scene story video.

• At The Portrait Masters Awards won 7 Bronze Awards in January 2022.

• Solo Exhibitions: The Blink – Fine Art Photography Exhibition and 40 Over 40 Portrait Exhibition from 7th March – 13 March 2022 News coverage:, The Malta Independent, Sunday circle, Times of Malta.

• New Beginning won the Best Portrait and The Perfect Flow won an Honourable mention, both exhibited at the Malta Photographic Society exhibition at the Malta Society of Arts, Valletta, Malta 2021.

We Are One (2020) and Forward (2020) was selected for the collective Art Exhibition, Pandemic: Survival, Art and New Action, 35% of the proceeds to support a research project through RIDT. Location: Malta Enterprise. 1st to 17th December 2021.

• Solo Exhibition: Canon Pro Exhibition “40 Over 40 – The Art of The Female Form” at Canon Malta Avantech, exhibition from 1st July – 30 September 2021. 10 Photographs at the exhibition, including 4 self-portraits. News coverage:

• The Hands – Nomination in Professional Open Theme category was awarded in the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards in April 2021

• Guest Speaker for Malta Photographic Society with title The Making of Portraits on 15th April 2021.

• A talk for Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP) with the title The Portraiture of Amanda Hsu on the 30th March 2021.

• “The Dance” won Silver Award from WPE Awards International Photography 2021.

• At The Portrait Masters Awards won 2 Silver Awards and 8 Bronze Awards in January 2021.

• The self-portrait series “DNA Embedded” has received a Bronze Award from The Budapest International Foto Awards in December 2020.

• The series “The Hands” has received the honour of being awarded Associateship status with The Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP) in November of 2020.

• Received the honour of being awarded Associateship status with The Portrait Masters in September of 2020.

• Received the honour of being awarded Licentiateship status with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) in September of 2020.

• At The Portrait Masters Awards won 23 Bronze Awards in July 2020.

• At The Portrait Masters Awards won 20 Bronze Awards in January 2020.

• At The Portrait Masters Awards won 7 Bronze Awards in July 2019.

• At The Portrait Masters Awards won 3 Bronze Awards in January 2019.

•’To Lovers – Earth” and “Awakening” exhibited at the San Anton Palace, Malta, along with other artists. for The 2018 Fine Arts Auction which was launched by H.E. The President of Malta.

•Exhibition “A Perpetual Recall”, a jointed exhibition with Maltese abstract painter Damian Ebejer. A collection of her ongoing self-portrait series HER was exhibited in Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, Attard, Malta for the whole month of November 2016.

•Special guest photographer at Ragusa Tra I Fotografi workshop 2016 A.F.I. Associazione fotografi Iblei in Sicily.

•Solo Exhibition “Women In Malta 2015” at Malta Chamber of Commerce, Valletta, Malta. Inaugurated by HE Ms Marie Louise Colerio Preca, President of Malta

•Title:”Clean”, Honourable Mention of the Photography Art Contest. “Clean”, a full-page feature in Issue 10 of Artist Portfolio Magazine.

• Title:” Dreamer acting out of dream” Darkroom Gallery:Juried Fine Art Photography Exhibitions. Exhibition in Darkroom Gallery, Vermont, USA 2010

•Title:” Imagination Runs Wild” Juror Award of Merit. International Fine Art Competition, Paris. 2012

Title:” Self-Multilation” and “Hotels of Tufo” winners of Renaissance Photography Prize. Exhibition in Mall Gallery, London, UK 2012

Interview, TV and Publication:

• “The God of Basil” (2023) featured on Times of Malta news in December 2023.

• “Autumn Collection No.1” Featured on In-Nazzjon news in December 2023.

• Judge for MPS Internal Merit Photo Competition 2023. Link to the Podcast episode about the judging.

Interviewed by Sunday Circle March 2022 Issue

Times of Malta for covering our exhibition news. 2022

• Malta Independent exhibition news coverage 2022

•Guest speaker about portrait photography for Canon Malta 3rd June 2020

•Trapped in Plastic published in Pink Magazine March 2019 Issue.

Photographer & Concept & Wardrobe:Amanda Hsu
Models:Christine Aquilina and Rebecca Busuttil
Makeup Artist:Rebecca Busuttil
Prop Design:Tijn Roozen

•Portrait Prophecy / SEP VOL 4 Published in Féroce Magazine in September 2018

Photographer & Design:Amanda Hsu @amanda.hsu.photographer
Model & Makeup: Valerie Caruana @valeriecaruana

Fruit Temptation Published in BeauNu Magazine July 2018

Photographer & Hair & Retoucher:Amanda Hsu @amanda.hsu.photographer
Model & Makeup: Rebecca Busuttil @rebecca_0012

Fruit Seduction II Published in IMIRAGE Magazine Isuue #225 July 2018

Model: Nicolà Grixti @x_nicky_x
Retoucher:Amanda Hsu & Anastasia Mironova @desingmira
Photographer & Makeup & Hair: Amanda Hsu @amanda.hsu.photographer

Fruit Seduction I Published in IMIRAGE Magazine Isuue #222 June 2018

Model: Daniela Farrugia @daniela__farrugia
Retoucher:Amanda Hsu & Anastasia Mironova @desingmira
Photographer & Makeup & Hair: Amanda Hsu @amanda.hsu.photographer

Summer Coloured Clouds published in IMIRAGE Magazine Isuue #200 May 2018

Director & Photographer: Amanda Hsu @amanda.hsu.photographer
Makeup Artist: Kimberley Portelli Teuma-Castelletti @beautybykimberleyp
Hair Stylist: Mandy Farrugia @studiommalta
Model: Dahlia Mitrovic @Dahlia_
Jewelry Designer: Sam Selby @samselbydesign
Retoucher:Amanda Hsu & Anastasia Mironova @desingmira

In The Meads published in Féroce Magazine May Issue 2018

Photography & Styling & Retoucher: @amanda.hsu.photographer
Model & Makeup: @valeriecaruana @rebecca_0012 @amanda.hsu.photographer

Pastel Reminiscence published in ELEGANT MAGAZINE spring issue

March 2018. Model: Jade Bartolo @jad300
Make up and Nails: Rebecca Busuttil @rebecca_0012
Headpieces: Su Yue Tsai
Retouchers: Amanda Hsu & Anastasia Mironova @desingmira
Photographer and Hairstylist: Amanda Hsu

•Featured on cover and contributed an article in MIPP (Malta Institution of Professional Photography) FOCALPOINT June issue 2016.

•News coverage: Tele Nova Ragusa, March 2016 (Sicily)

•News coverage: La Sicilia, March 2016 (Sicily)

•Interview on TV Show Maltarti on TVM2, presenter Ray Calleja. (Malta)

•On TVM Madwarna, presenter Salvu Mallia. (Malta)

•Times of Malta, March 2015

•Pink Magazine Issue 124, February 2015 (Malta)

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