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Greeted, Michelangelo

5 years ago, a client reviewed my work, “Her method somehow reminds me a bit of the concept of Michelangelo carving the extra stone away from the already-exisiting soul of the sculpture.” I’m over 40. When I look at this self-portrait, I am curious how I would look like when I’m 50 and I look forward to it. It empowers me, gives me motivation to exercise regularly to stay in shape. I feel I’m at my most confident status. I accept myself and how I look, I couldn’t accept it when I was younger. As a woman over 40, I… Read More »Greeted, Michelangelo

New Beginning

This image “New Beginning” to me it’s like an ultrasound scan, a human inside the womb, a newborn and a life beginning. When I was creating this image, I was going through an internal transition, a shift, a revolution. I’ve evolved from different life experiences and this is one of the major ones. After the dramatic pressure and push, like the birth, I across to the other side, I started to breath the fresh air. It’s a new beginning. The technical part:EXIF:Camera:Canon 5D Mark II Lens:EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM Shutter speed:1/125, Aperture:F6.3, ISO:500, Focal length:35mm, Lighting: Elinchrome D-Lite RX 4,… Read More »New Beginning

Flower Portraits

For a long time I was scared of using colours and experiment with colours. I’ve always admire people who can sue colours so brilliantly. When I was living in Spain and Italy, I noticed very quickly that how they are bold and accurate about using colour in everyday life. Watching the adverts, how people dress and how they decorate their houses and shops was just pure pleasure to enjoy and absorb. I’ve always thought that the muted colour is timeless so I couldn’t go wrong. I think it was good that it took me time to experiment, it takes practice.… Read More »Flower Portraits