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Broken Glasses 2

broken glasses fine art conceptual photography
Broken glasses 2 (2022)

We hurt ourselves.
Most of the time, without consciously knowing what we were thinking or doing.
We think of ourselves badly when we make mistakes.
We blame ourselves when accidents happen.
We feed ourselves unhealthy food because of stress.
We give the wrong people our love or attention when they don’t deserve it.
We think we are fat when our tummy sticks out, with no thigh gap or having flappy fat arms.
These thoughts hurt us.

I don’t just see myself in the image, I see the women I know in the image. The finger is going to touch the sharp tip of the glass……why would you hurt yourself?

If that’s your best friend, finger approaching to touch the sharp tip of the glass, what would you say to her/him?
“Please get away from the glass and don’t hurt yourself.”
Can you treat yourself like you treat your best friend?
Take back the control of how you think of yourself.
Forgive yourself when you make mistakes.
Stop blaming yourself when accidents happen. It’s out of your control.
Feed yourself with good food. Your body needs your care.
Give your love and attention to people who deserve you.
Your body is constantly changing at different hours of the day, in different seasons and years. If you learn to accept all the body changes and have fun with it. It will pay you back thousands of times more.

Stay away from the broken glasses – stop hurting yourself.

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