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Author name: Lili Amanda

Reveal (2023) – Starting a self portrait series with an object “mirror”

“Reveal” is part of the series Reflection. This is a self-portrait. I love this surreal image that tell stories about “Revealing what is concealed.” She turns away from the viewer and reveal herself to the viewer at the same time. Why her face broken into mirror pieces? Who’s hand stretch out to hold on a

Reveal (2023) – Starting a self portrait series with an object “mirror” Read More »

broken glasses fine art conceptual portrait photography

Broken Glasses 2

We hurt ourselves.Most of the time, without consciously knowing what we were thinking or doing.We think of ourselves badly when we make mistakes.We blame ourselves when accidents happen.We feed ourselves unhealthy food because of stress.We give the wrong people our love or attention when they don’t deserve it.We think we are fat when our tummy

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Conceptual Photography art broken glasses

The Way Out

“What have you done?!”“You’re so clumsy!”“I’ve told you to be careful!” Have you ever accidentally broken some glasses? If you have, those comments might sound familiar to you.Usually, breaking glasses is not something people would do intentionally. We did it by accident and sometimes we get the blame, or we blame ourselves for not being

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My recent artworks “Forward” (2020) and “We Are One” (2020) Conceptual Mixed Media

“Forward” was created with the mind of facing uncertainty and still positively moving forward. The pandemic has tested people the ability to navigate in unknown situations and uncertainties. We are forced to adapt and make changes. It’s a great lesson. We learn about others and we learn about ourselves. 50x50x4 cm Mixed Media digital manipulated

My recent artworks “Forward” (2020) and “We Are One” (2020) Conceptual Mixed Media Read More »

Conceptual Portrait The Hands (Part II)

These images from the series “The Hands” which was accredited Associateship Qualification at MIPP (Malta Institute of Professional Photography) Statement of Intent:This portrait series was created from 20 photo shoots with 20 selective models from different ethnicities in Europe with different skin tones. Each model was given the same outfit and the same instructions. The

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