Conceptual Photography

Conceptual portraits are for telling a story, demonstrate an idea and evoke emotions.

Conceptual Portrait The Hands (Part II)

These images from the series “The Hands” which was accredited Associateship Qualification at MIPP (Malta Institute of Professional Photography) Statement of Intent:This portrait series was created from 20 photo shoots with 20 selective models from different ethnicities in Europe with different skin tones. Each model was given the same outfit and the same instructions. The models were placed in a small, boxed and confined space. Metaphorically, it is the world we are living in. They were asked to think about the emotions such as stressed, depressed, worried, confused and anxious, and use their hands, arms and the face to express… Read More »Conceptual Portrait The Hands (Part II)

The Hands (Part I)

This series was created because I wanted to create the images that show deep emotions. When people said “I’m fine” or “I’m ok”and appeared to be fine and ok but they are really not fine or ok. I said it because I didn’t want others to worry about me or I simply didn’t know how to explain or express myself. I have been there and many have been there as well. This series is about expressing how it might look like to be anxious, depressed, stressed and worried etc from the inside. If you see the images and you find it resonate… Read More »The Hands (Part I)