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How to be more confident?

“When in your life, so far, have you felt most confident, and why?”

I’ve asked more than 50 women over 40 who I photographed this question. Some could answer it some couldn’t. Many of them said, “Now”. That was after the photo session with me and my team. 

Why? What’s the power of a photo session can make a person feel confident?

Most of the women have never done a photoshoot before. They might have watched a magazine photoshoot with a movie star on TV or online but they never know what it really feels like. 

It’s an opportunity to see how people see you and how you are being seen when you are at your best. The point is “when you are at your best”. The appearance of “at your best” is a very high bar to reach in every life. And I would say most women don’t know what they could look like at their best. In my studio, I show them what they could look like at their best. 

The very core of my service is providing a self-discovery journey. Making people see themselves in a different light, a positive one. 

How to gain confidence?

When we have achieved something, even a small thing that can make us feel confident. For example, if next time I go snowboarding I can go 50 meters straight without my butt touching the snow, I would feel very confident. 

It’s important to make small achievements and celebrate them. Maybe you finally go to the gym once a week, maybe you start eating healthy on day 3, maybe you reduce sugar intake on day 5. You can celebrate it with a scream, a big jump or a glass of wine. Making a habit of celebrating small achievements will increase your confidence. 

Challenge yourself.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a photoshoot, 10K run, a skydive or simply wearing a colour that you haven’t tried before. Getting out of your comfort zone and proving to yourself that you can do it will help you to gain more confidence and credibility in yourself.

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