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Minimalism Purchase Decision

When is the last time you bought something with enthusiasm but ended up not using it much?

I certainly am guilty of this.

I was looking for an ebook reader. It wasn’t an easy and quick decision. I asked myself, “Do I need to buy another gadget to take up space for catching dust? Will it help me to read more?

I read many books a year. I buy both paper books and ebooks. Last year I only read one book in paper copy, the rest of them are ebooks. And I read most of the books on my phone! 

I was looking for an ebook reader which has a bigger screen and is more comfortable for reading. The fact is, I don’t take my book everywhere I go and I guess won’t take my ebook reader everywhere either. But I take my phone with me almost everywhere I go. I read when I am waiting in line, I read when I am waiting for a meeting to start, especially when someone is late, I get to read more. (The bright side of waiting.)

Founder of CreativeLive Chase Javis said, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” So I would say that the best book reader is the one you have with you.

Show your work by Austin Kleon.

It’s a great book that you can finish in a few hours. It’s an easy read and super inspiring. Austin included many great quotes from artists, musicians and writers. If you are between projects like me (finished one and starting another), it’s a great book to encourage you to keep going.

Austin encourages “daily dispatch”. “It can be anything you want – a blog post, an email, a tweet, a Youtube video…” I have read this concept in quite a few books. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, Atomic Habits by James Clear, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. These are all great books that changed the way I think and do things. Seth Godin has written over 8000 blog posts. I receive his blog post EVERY SINGLE DAY. The commitment is impressive and I am always happy to read his thoughts provoking writing (You can subscribe to his blog here). I joined Seth’s “The Marketing Seminar” last year which was turned into a book “This is Marketing” and I love the book and enjoyed the seminar immensely. I learned so much from the 5-month seminar and loved everything about it. I guess I’ll have to put it in another post.

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