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New Beginning

This image “New Beginning” to me it’s like an ultrasound scan, a human inside the womb, a newborn and a life beginning. When I was creating this image, I was going through an internal transition, a shift, a revolution. I’ve evolved from different life experiences and this is one of the major ones. After the dramatic pressure and push, like the birth, I across to the other side, I started to breath the fresh air. It’s a new beginning.

The technical part:
EXIF:Camera:Canon 5D Mark II Lens:EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM Shutter speed:1/125, Aperture:F6.3, ISO:500, Focal length:35mm, Lighting: Elinchrome D-Lite RX 4, 200cmx200cm softbox (built by my partner) and a V-flat.

I was laying on the floor and set the triple to the maximum height. I laid very close to the tripod so I can stay in the centre of the frame and most of my body would be at the similar distance to the camera. I want the whole body to be in focus, by setting my focal length to a wide angle 35mm, it’s easier to achieve that.
I replaced the backdrop with a backdrop I painted and photographed, and then edit it in PS. I wanted the background to look like the womb and I experiment different materials to create the effect. I use my period blood to paint on a sheet of thick drawing paper and nailed it. I was super excited about result and it made me feel very empowered, like a true feminist. I started to use menstrual cup because I no longer want to generate so much rubbish every month, so collecting the blood was very easy. This is the biggest secrete of creating this image….

I’m so grateful that hard work paid off, “New Beginning (2020)” has been awarded from 4 competitions locally and worldwide and exhibited at 2 venues: 

  1. The winner of the Best Portrait Special Award from Malta Photography Society’s annual competition and will be exhibited among all 103 framed prints and 158 digital images from the 10th Dec 2021 till 7th January 2022 at Palazzo de la Salle in Valletta, Malta.
  2. Received the Silver Award at The Portrait Masters 2021 in the US; 
  3. Both “New Beginning” and “Greeted Michelangelo” received IPA (International Photography Awards) 2021 Honorable Mention and were
  4. Honourable mention from Budapest International Foto Awards.
  5. Exhibited at Canon Malta Showroom during summer 2021.

Prints are now available. Click here.

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